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My Contact Form Was Busted…

Dear brides, grooms, fellow photographers, and anyone else who may have tried to reach me in the past month or so! I HATE TECHNOLOGY! Okay, just some of the time. You see, I’m a camera geek and absolutely NOT a computer geek. That’s part of the reason I use a Mac- I’m not smart enough […]

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Photo Of The Day: Another Panoramic Wedding Portrait

Bring on the weather, So Cal! I love making images when it’s slightly cloudy, but you can still see the sun a little bit… It’s nice and cool, venues like the beach are usually quite empty, (this shot was made on a Saturday afternoon and I only had to edit out ONE person way in […]

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2009 Bride Collection -OR- “Haters”

Lots of hate going around the internet these days. Orange County wedding photographer Becker won the PDN award for “most influential photographer of this decade”, and people cut him to pieces because his work isn’t influential enough for them. Even though, in the photography industry at least, Becker as a person is BY FAR one […]

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