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You Know I’m Still Afloat…

(DV 100 yr bloom, 2005) In New York freedom looks like Too many choices In New York I found a friend To drown out the other voices Voices on a cell phone Voices from home Voices of the hard sell Voices down a stairwell In New York Just got a place in New York In […]

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Engagement Session on Coastal Bluffs

View more at :-) I’m just not good with words. I’ve already told you to look up the word “logorrhea”… In this blog post, I’ve already wasted an hour typing and deleting, trying to explain two things: how much I love pure un-modified natural light, and how much I love clients who are willing […]

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Top Ten “Social Media” Pet Peeves

This is going to be a bit controversial, but whatever… It’s Independence Day, and I’m going to exercise my right to free speech. First, a rant: I think it’s lame how social media is being used as “business media” and “commercial media”. What part of SOCIAL did you not understand? Practically every business out there […]

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Another 1-Pic-Wonder…

Nikon Coolpix S210, 6.3mm, (38mm) ISO 1163, f/3.1, 1/150 sec. (I set the camera to “HI ISO” mode, whatever that is, and forced the flash OFF, then dialed the exposure compensation down to -2 to try and balance out the terrible empty black background that would have surely thrown off the light meter…) And, on […]

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Goodbye, 2009…

I’m heading to Joshau Tree right now for a couple days, with Joy and a couple friends. I hope to shoot some more images / footage like this one… We’ll see how it turns out! Take care all, =Matt=

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Brass Sculptures… (Our New Wall Artwork!)

Many thanks to my good friend Mary and her husband Spence Hurlbut (two AMAZING, retired Sawdust Festival artists) for the new centerpiece on our wall.  We really love it!  The hummingbird, flowers and leaves are beautiful…  :-) These are just some quickie photos that I shot in JPG on my D300 and a 24 2.8 […]

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