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Natural Light Portraits Workshop

Natural light VS modified light? Ask any photographer and you’ll open a huge can of worms. Me? It depends on how I’m feeling. While the camera geek in me LOVES to play with wireless flash and light modification, …the outdoor photographer in me, the purist, has a serious passion for using un-touched natural light to create dramatic images. It’s a creative challenge to limit yourself and make beautiful images with nothing but your camera.

Speaking of challenges, I also love the challenge of in-camera processing. It’s like shooting film slides- You pick the right film based on your desire for contrast, color saturation, etc… With digital, you have the same thing- You pick the camera profile, the in-camera contrast, saturation, hue, etc… It sounds crazy to upload / share images that are completely un-edited, but honestly, SOOC is not that difficult! And if you shoot lots of images, mastering in-camera processing can save you from photoshop-induced burnout.

I always have a great time shooting natural light portraits with other photographers. All of the following images are from the most recent NLP workshop, and have ZERO color correction or other adjustments. They’re not perfect, but they’re good practice. They are also made with 100% natural light, of course. I shot JPG and uploaded the images directly to the internet. :-)

The next “Natural Light Portraits” workshop is currently scheduled for January 30th, and the price is $145. It will include 3+ hours of shooting, and then a dinner of image review, and Q&A time. There are only five spots for any workshop, so do sign up asap if this sounds like something you’re interested in!

The workshop will be in Thousand Oaks, CA!

If you’ve already attended any of the previous NLP workshops this past year, and would like to shoot with us again, just drop me an email and I’ll put you on the attendee list. (Again, limited to 5 people)

Take care!


by Matthew Saville

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December 2, 2010 - 12:16 PM Doug - Very nice pics Matt. That last image is my favorite. It's like she's looking right at me.

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