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My Contact Form Was Busted…

Dear brides, grooms, fellow photographers, and anyone else who may have tried to reach me in the past month or so!

I HATE TECHNOLOGY! Okay, just some of the time. You see, I’m a camera geek and absolutely NOT a computer geek. That’s part of the reason I use a Mac- I’m not smart enough to maintain a PC… ;-)

…Okay, so, getting to the point: If you’ve tried to use the contact form here on this blog, I didn’t get your message. Aaugghh!!
(Insert Calvin & Hobbes comic here)

Depending on if you’ve visited my blog recently, you may or may not see the correct link now in the menu at the top of this blog. (It has to do with cookies. Yum.) Bottom line: The best way (for clients) to get in touch with me has always been the contact form you can view here: Or if you’re a photographer and want to chat about something else, is the correct form. Or of course you’re always welcome to just give me a call or email me directly. :-)

2011 is still open for bookings, however I’m only going to accept 20 weddings total next year so I can take the best possible care of each client. So if your wedding is on a Saturday in the spring or fall, dates are filling fast. If you love the outdoors and want to do something BIG for your wedding photos, please get in touch asap! …Of course if you don’t make it in time, in 2011 I may do a few select bridal / romantic portrait sessions, and they’re gonna be in some really gorgeous, dramatic outdoor locations. I’m thinking the Sierras, Zion, the Rockies, fall colors back east, etc… But, more later on that opportunity. :-D

Anyways, to try and cheer myself up tonight I looked through some more 2nd-shooting jobs. I try and second shoot on a regular basis throughout the year, because they are great opportunities to get extra creative and try new angles or concepts… So, here’s a few photos from my work shooting for Andrew Jordan, and Michelle of Mila Photography, and JP of John Lauren Photographers… I’ve still got plenty of other weddings to blog too! I have so many 2010 favorites that I still need to blog! Ithink I’ll have to blog like ten photos a day to get through them all before 2011… On that note, check out today’s ten pictures!


Portfolio | Contact (the correct link!)

by Matthew Saville

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October 25, 2010 - 11:30 PM Matthew Saville - BTW all of these images are completely un-edited, except for two. (the ceremony sepia images) :-) =Matt=

October 26, 2010 - 12:21 AM Julia Brown - Matthew, you take the most amazing images. I always enjoy seeing your work and I don't tell you often enough... Beautiful!!

October 29, 2010 - 7:57 AM Eric Farewell - Your fourth image is why you will always be the master... And I will always be the student.

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