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Winter 2010 / 2011 Workshop & Coaching Schedule

Well, it’s that time of year again! I’ve got a semi-flexible schedule this winter, here and there between a few out of town weddings. Time to pick a few workshop dates! Also, I have been making time lately for private coaching. (Can be scheduled 3-5 weeks in advance, first come first serve)

The first date coming up is Sunday November 14th, which will be a Natural Light Portraits workshop, with a focus on in-camera processing. (White balance, skin tones, both RAW & JPG colors…) Click HERE for more information and registration. Class size is limited to 5 new attendees and up to 5 past attendees, so register quickly if you’re interested. (Or if you’d like to re-attend, please shoot me an email soon too!) Another NLP workshop will be on January 30th, 2011. NOTE!! I have decided that I need to raise the price for this workshop in 2011. It will be $145 from now on. Which makes November 14th the last chance to attend this workshop for $95! One seat is already sold, so 4 left… (If you’ve already paid and attended a NLP workshop for $95, you’re still welcome to re-attend any future dates! Just email me as soon as possible.)

Two DSLR workshops are coming up as well, Sunday November 21st and Sunday January 2nd. This workshop is an afternoon of personal DSLR coaching that focuses on two things- metering / exposure, and autofocus / sharpness. (Of course you are welcome to bring a list of other questions about your new (or not-so-new?) DSLR!) Click here for details and registration

If you haven’t yet read my workshop philosophy, I focus on three different things- cameras, images, and workflow. You are welcome to comment on this post or drop me an email if you’ve got a serious need along one of those subject lines…

Of course you’re always welcome to buy me lunch and bring a page or two of quick questions, also for more serious skill-tackling, or a portfolio-building critique etc. private coaching will get you my un-divided attention in 2-3 hr increments, as often as our schedules can allow. (As with all my workshops and coaching, I strongly believe that the best way to learn is to get together more than once, and photographers are always welcome to re-attend a workshop they sign up for…)

The official page where ALL upcoming dates are listed is here:

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(This image was made during a NLP engagement session, at the SJC train station. Real couple, not models!)
(Geek trivia: can you guess if the image was made on a Nikon crop sensor, or a Canon full-frame? Don’t cheat!)
(Hint: I’ve been playing with BOTH the Nikon D700, and the Canon 5D mk2 + 85 1.2 L lately! As well as the 7D!)

(This image is a SOOC (un-edited) JPG, taken at the last NLP workshop in the harsh July sun… The usual, D300 + Sigma 50-150 2.8)

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