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Yearly Archives: 2009

Walt Disney Concert Hall With Facebook Friends…

I definitely think that my biggest growth as a photographer has come from meeting other photographers, getting together, and shooting together regularly… Which is why I’m always so happy to meet up with other photographers around So Cal, and shoot! This past Sunday afternoon I was like a kid in a candy store, with all […]

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Recent Candid Wedding Photos

So, how about that daylight savings time, eh? I gotta say, sleeping in an extra hour this morning felt great! Okay who am I kidding, most days I sleep in an extra hour anyways. Or two. But before you say I have the easy life, let me remind you of every self-employed person’s affliction: every […]

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A Few More Wedding Detail Photos

This summer work season has been wonderful! Instead of blogging photos from just ONE wedding, I wanted to do a few blog posts that are JUST details, JUST portraits, or JUST candid moments. Since the season is kinda winding down these days… :-)More 2009 wedding photos to come!Take care,=Matt= Hey look, it’s me! (At Tivoli […]

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I rescued a cat from an Italian Cypress tree…

So the other day, Joy (my wife) and I were over at her parents’ house, washing her car. Joy is allergic to cats, so the day Joy moved in with me, Joy’s mother got a kitten. (We got married ~6 months ago…) Okay, story… As soon as I heard that “meow”, I knew she was […]

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Laguna Beach Panoramas from Monday…

Monday I had the chance to head down to Laguna Beach and catch a fantastic fall sunset at the main beach. It was one of those sunsets that didn’t pop at the moment the sun was actually going down… (you know, “god beams” and all) No, this was one of those days when the sun […]

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Wedding Photos from Tivoli Terrace…

Last weekend’s wedding was at Tivoli Terrace in Laguna Beach.  I haven’t shot at this venue before, but I’m glad I had the opportunity and I’m excited to shoot there again soon!  The lights are EVERYWHERE, and oh-so-beautiful. To me, wedding portraits AND photojournalism are all about the light.  Nothing magnifies a beautiful moment like […]

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