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My name is Matt. I love the outdoors and adventure.  I work full-time as a wedding and portrait photographer, and landscape photography is my hobby. I love God, I love my wife, family and friends. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you’re enjoying my latest photos and ramblings.

My favorite portraits usually involve dramatic light in a natural setting.  My favorite candid images are usually private, quiet moments of love and emotion.  I currently work full-time as an associate photographer & workflow manager for Lin & Jirsa Photographers, and write for

My home town is Irvine California. I would love to spend at least part of my life in either Alaska, New Zealand, or England. I’d love to visit Madagascar, Australia, Africa, China, Russia, …okay pretty much the entire planet.

I’m always thrilled to meet people who’re interested in dramatic images, either pure landscapes or outdoor portraits!  :-)

Take care,

“My first thought is always of light.” – Galen Rowell

(MY wedding, April 4th 2009!) _____ (My new haircut.  Yeah.) ______ (Self-portrait in Seville, Spain.)