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I enjoy connecting with other photographers and chatting about light, cameras, etc.  I also get together regularly with photographer friends for photo shoots, random adventures, and small workshops…  Here’s a few links you might be interested in:

SoCal Photog Shootout – I joined Hanssie Trainor when she created this Facebook group for beginning and amateur photographers who want to connect with others locally to practice and  talk shop.  The core philosophy behind this group is that to improve our craft we need to practice, practice, PRACTICE, and connect with others as often as possible.  And we shouldn’t have to pay a zillion dollars each time we need to practice, either.  So this Facebook group is a place to meet other photographers, meet some models, and plan your own small photo shoots as often as you wish.  Photog Shootout hosts official, low-cost events every other month, to facilitate the community and give new photographers the opportunity to meet.

The [b] School – In my opinion this is one of the highest quality business communities for wedding and portrait photographers. Clean, respectful, generous.  The members of this community seem to be on a higher level both in terms of the work they do and in their dedication to their business.  I’ve pretty much stopped using all other online forums and networking sites, period.  If you’re looking to learn about business and connect with other photographers who can let you 2nd shoot BEFORE you dive into your own business, (*ahem!*) …buy a subscription and have a look around!

Subscribe to my SLR Lounge website, where I post news, reviews, and other photography related stuff on a daily basis!

Read my (OLD) CameraTalk Blog – Camera geeks unite!  I like to debate the latest new camera gear, lenses, and industry happenings.  There are so many forums etc. out there with tons of flame wars and terrible camera buying advice; my goal with CameraTalk is to balance brutally honest opinions with open-mindedness and logical reasoning.  I love a healthy debate on RAW vs JPG, Nikon vs Canon, or Mac vs PC.

My “For Photographers” Articles Main Page -  A handful of articles on cameras & image making.

Facebook and  Twitter.  A good way to keep in touch if you’d like to meet up some time and goof off with wireless flash, or bump into me while I’m editing photos at a coffee shop, etc.

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