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Category Archives: Ceremony Photos

Ritz Carlton Wedding Photos With The Becker

Thank you [B]ecker for the opportunity to 2nd shoot and expand my artistic horizons at the Ritz on Saturday. I love to see other pros like [b] doing their thing, it’s magic how he works his subjects and keeps them relaxed in front of the camera. If you’re a photographer with even the slightest taste […]

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Photos at Wayfarers Chapel, Terranea Resort, & Trump Golf Course

I love big wedding days that feel like an adventure. For some reason I’ve already shot five weddings this year, and they’ve all been pretty incredible adventures what with rain, rain, rain, a tsunami warning, and funnel clouds. Of course the good part about getting married during this risky time of year is that you […]

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New Tivoli Terrace Wedding Photos

In keeping with the excitement of last weekend’s tsunami warning during a beach wedding in Dana Point, yesterday’s Laguna Beach wedding at Tivoli Terrace involved water spouts / funnel clouds.  Yikes! But the wedding and the photos turned out beautifully.  I love photographing weddings around this area, especially around this time of year!  The hillsides […]

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Recent Candid Wedding Photos

So, how about that daylight savings time, eh? I gotta say, sleeping in an extra hour this morning felt great! Okay who am I kidding, most days I sleep in an extra hour anyways. Or two. But before you say I have the easy life, let me remind you of every self-employed person’s affliction: every […]

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Wedding Photos from Tivoli Terrace…

Last weekend’s wedding was at Tivoli Terrace in Laguna Beach.  I haven’t shot at this venue before, but I’m glad I had the opportunity and I’m excited to shoot there again soon!  The lights are EVERYWHERE, and oh-so-beautiful. To me, wedding portraits AND photojournalism are all about the light.  Nothing magnifies a beautiful moment like […]

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Another Wedding at the Fullerton Arboretum!

Really quick, here’s a few recent images from a wedding at the Arboretum, one of my favorite venues!  Next up will be a new wedding venue I’ve never shot at before, Tivoli Terrace in Laguna Beach… Take care everybody, and see you soon one way or another!  I’m heading down to San Diego now for […]

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