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Photographers: The Next SoCal Photog Shootout!

This is going to be awesome. I keep saying that, and each SoCal Photog Shootout keeps getting better and better. This one is going to be held at a 10,000 sq. ft. private residence in Fullerton. If you’re in the Facebook group, you saw the pictures and know, well, this is going to be awesome. (Oh and the theme is going to be “desperate housewives” meets Lady Gaga. I’ve never watched the show and I honestly don’t even know what Lady Gaga looks like, but it sounds awesome. That’s Hanssie Trainor’s department, and her team of planners never fails to impress!)

Registration for the Shootout on August 29th is TONIGHT, on Fisheye connect. Click here for the page, be online at EXACTLY 7:30 tonight, and refresh the page like crazy!

Before I run, I’d like to take this opportunity to get the past couple SoCal Photog Shootout images out of the way. They’ve been sitting in my blog inbox for a while now… (Click the link if you’d like to see camera info on any of the images, or leave a comment here!)

Take care,

(A couple film images you may remember from a while back…)

(I miss Agfa ultra! But I’ll probably rock a roll of Fuji 400H at the next Shootout. Bring your film cameras if you want!)

(Natural light doesn’t get much better than this! These images are from the April SoCal Photog Shootout, by the way, in Temecula…)

Next up, the digital images from April.

The harsh light…

…The resulting shot.

(My group was given the job of tackling harsh light, and I guess this shot I stole from another group is “easy light”. :-P)

…And that’s about it for the Temecula shoot. Next up, a country club in Seal Beach!

(This Photog Shootout was themed around EVERY genre of professional portraiture, and included a taste of weddings, family portraits, baby portraits, seniors, (high school) …and editorial fashion.)

One of OC’s finest wedding photography teams, Joe & Mirta Barnet, led the wedding photography group.

Jen Disney led the group that focused on newborn photography. I’ve only ever shot newborns once before, so this was interesting for me…

…Unfortunately, since I was in charge of taking care of a ton of different stuff, I didn’t get very many pictures from the other groups, but I’m sure they’re all over Facebook! :-) Bobby Brown, Amber Fox, and John Mireles are practically an all-star team of leaders, and it was amazing to have them!

(Checking out the day’s images on an iPad! Slick!)

(We ended the evening with a really awesome catered dinner, and then an open discussion about photography. Chatted about business, images, pricing, …it was a great time!

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by Matthew Saville

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October 1, 2010 - 10:37 AM Mary Hurlbut - so, the harsh light shot on the gravel road...your image turned out lovely. Was it because light was reflecting off the ground?

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