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Location for August 22nd Natural Light Portrait Workshop

Click HERE to register for my next Natural Light Portrait workshop on Sunday August 22nd. :-)

I’m really excited to shoot at this location with all it’s gorgeous lighting opportunities in a few weekends! This spot is a real playground for messing with bright harsh sunlight and deep dark shade. This time we’ll have an actual couple as models, so it will be real-world practice directing a subject to get the best light and the best portrait in general… (Any alumni from past shoots who would like to come, there will be five available spots for free re-attendance, and one is already taken. Email me!)

I’m currently writing my comments on the photos from the last workshop and will be sharing that with all past attendees soon. Basically, I just upload all ~50-100 pics from the shoot, and write a brief explanation of what went into EVERY shot, why I chose the camera settings, why I chose the position and pose, and why I composed the way I did. :-)

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