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All kinds of natural light…

It doesn’t get more oddball than this… Really, the ONLY thing these images have in common is the fact that they’re natural light.

However they don’t really fit into any other blog post, so I’m just tossing them up together.

Take care,

(An image from the recent natural light portrait workshop. Sign up for the next one on Aug. 15th
This image is pretty much SOOC with no color tweaking and no light modification whatsoever. :-)

(My apartment complex; I had a 5D mk2 and a 16-35 on loan so when I saw the high-altitude clouds at sunset I knew they’d
probably turn a sweet color. Made this 10 second exposure using a tripod, and a circular polarizer to darken the sky…)

(A recent event with the famous Rachel Amara who I have worked with many times in the past few years…)

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by Matthew Saville

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August 2, 2010 - 12:06 PM Robert - *swoon*

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