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Photo Of The Day: Rachel Dancing

SOOC JPG image, with minor reverse-vignette. Captured on a Nikon D300 with a Sigma 50-150 2.8 @ f/2.8, ISO 3200 & 1/350 sec. Manual exposure, spot metering, WB Kelvin 2940, G1. In-camera processing: D2X mode 3, contrast all the way up @ +3.

I was shooting some ambient exposures, and some with wireless flash as well. A lot of the dance floor was in pitch darkness, hence the wireless flash. Then there was this pink-ish spotlight shining on this area and the exposure was pretty bright. So I closed my pop-up flash, thus eliminating the wireless SB800 as well, and set my exposure for the spotlit area roughly via trial and error. Then I just waited for things to happen in that area. Some shots were focused on the musicians in the background, and some were focused on people dancing. This one just happened to come together the way it did…

(Rachel Amara, a model and friend who I have worked with since 2008, just graduated college and this image was taken at her reception with close friends and family. Congrats Rachel! :-)


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by Matthew Saville

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