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…The other reason I really enjoy making wedding photos

The other reason I just love wedding days is the photojournalism. Dramatic outdoor portraits are exciting and definitely mission-critical, but without good visual storytelling throughout the entire day, you’re not a wedding photographer- you’re just a portrait artist… Documenting people in love on an emotionally awesome day is just so moving for me. It is an honor to be invited into people’s lives, into their special event, to try and capture moments in an artistic way.

Photography itself has always struggled as an “art”. Is it truly art, or is it just a craft / trade? I’m not writing notes of music, I’m not painting brush strokes on a canvas, I’m not carving a sculpture… All I do is click a shutter and “steal” a moment in time. Am I just delivering a service to a client? Or am I creating something that they, and others, do consider to be artistic?

By using light, perspective / composition, depth of field, and anticipation / timing, …I think that all photographers can at least aspire to create something artistic. At each wedding I attend, I try as hard as I can to capture something that really touches me.

This image was made after a rehearsal dinner at a recent wedding in Temecula, CA. I saw the groom whispering to the bride and I first created a close, “tight” shot of just their quiet moment, but I knew the best image had to give context to their moment. A very intense game of Pictionary. Shot this image at the 35mm equivalent of 18mm…

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by Matthew Saville

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May 10, 2010 - 12:28 PM Emily - nice story-telling here, Matt!

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