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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Wedding Photos from Tivoli Terrace…

Last weekend’s wedding was at Tivoli Terrace in Laguna Beach.  I haven’t shot at this venue before, but I’m glad I had the opportunity and I’m excited to shoot there again soon!  The lights are EVERYWHERE, and oh-so-beautiful. To me, wedding portraits AND photojournalism are all about the light.  Nothing magnifies a beautiful moment like […]

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Another Wedding at the Fullerton Arboretum!

Really quick, here’s a few recent images from a wedding at the Arboretum, one of my favorite venues!  Next up will be a new wedding venue I’ve never shot at before, Tivoli Terrace in Laguna Beach… Take care everybody, and see you soon one way or another!  I’m heading down to San Diego now for […]

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Bok Tower Wedding Photos, Lake Wales Florida

Danielle and Eric’s wedding was simply gorgeous, and we definitely had an absolute miracle with the weather.  Rain was at 100% prediction, every single hour of the day, a couple Saturdays ago.  Somehow, magically, a couple hours before the ceremony the rain let up and gave us an entire afternoon without more than a couple […]

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Wedding Tomorrow at Bok Tower in Lake Wales, Florida!!!

Hey everybody!  I’m sorry I haven’t blogged regularly enough recently, but life has been crazy!  Tons of photo shoots, workshops, a small vacation with Joy and her sibblings, a BEAUTIFUL wedding at the Fullerton Arboretum on 9-9-09, (yep, Wednesday!) …and now I’m in Lake Wales, Florida for my good man Eric Farewell’s wedding.  The ceremony […]

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Socal Photog Shootout – Irvine Regional Park

Whoa, first blog post on the new blog!  So far so good! If you’re reading this and it’s NOT September 2009 anymore, basically here’s the deal-  I’ve been blogging for like, (counts on fingers) six or seven years on my old blog that was hosted by Xanga.  Xanga used to be a popular wedding photographer […]

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