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BEAUTIFUL Afternoon in Fullerton With Friends…

Tuesday afternoon was beautiful and breezy at Craig Park in Fullerton, CA.  I joined up with just a couple of other photographers from the Facebook group “SoCal Photog Shootout” and a couple of their friends.  Michelle and her fiance Victor were kind enough to model for us, even though they’ve already had plenty of engagement photos taken I think.  (Michelle is a bridal model, you may remember her from a shoot I did at the Muzeo venue; AND she is a wedding planner!)

Many thanks to Larry Reeves for starting this impromptu GTG, it was awesome!  I’m really enjoying all the friends and good company I get to hang out with, ever since I started using online social sites to connect with others…  I really can’t imagine not being a member of a group like SoCal Photog Shootout on Facebook, or in whatever other online communities are becoming popular these days.  Do you enjoy shooting pictures?  (especially portraits?)  Do you like friends?  It’s really that simple.  JOIN A COMMUNITY!

Anywho.  Same camera info as always.  At this time of day I shoot mostly in Kelvin WB, around 5000-5500 Kelvin, and of course RAW because we were dealing with some CRAZY contrast and I knew that with shots like this first one, I might want to do some heavy, artistic processing…

BTW, any couples who need engagement photos, NOW is the time to get them!  The afternoons are wonderful, and even if you don’t get off work until 5 PM we can still get some beautiful light going on.  If you’re engaged and in the OC area, I’m offering a few FREE engagement sessions to any couples who are willing to model in front of 5-10 photographers!  HERE is my contact page

Alright, imma shutup and get to the photos!  Only got a couple, since it’s 3 AM and I got other work to do….tomorrow!


craig park portraits

craig park engagement session

craig park photo shoot

by Matthew Saville

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