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AWESOME photo shoot GTG in Irvine today…

I just wanted to post a couple photos really quick from the last-minute photo shoot this evening with a couple friends here in Irvine.  The sunset was perfect, and a couple shots turned out amazingly…  Enjoy!

Camera Info:
All shots taken with a D300 and either a Nikon 17-55 w/ polarizer, or a Sigma 50-150.

Strobist Info:
My SB800 is on the fritz, so I can’t really use it above 1/16 or 1/32 power.  So lately I’ve been putting it in SU-4 mode, (optical slave, no IR and no radio)  …and just working with it manually at one of those power settings.  These shots were un-diffused, with the pop-up flash fired in manual mode at a low power so as not to influence the photo.  In retrospect though, for the third shot I could have used some fill on the right side of her face.  Coulda used the pop-up for that, but I’d rather use the excuse to buy more SB800’s, asap.

Thanks to Kevin and Mark and Chelsea for coming out!  I had a blast shooting with you today…


(Chelsea moved out of the photo after I popped the flash.  This was a ten second exposure and I just popped the
  flash manually, and guessed at the power.  I used the guide number / distance readout on the SB800 to cheat.
If you input your aperture and ISO on your flash, it will automatically tell you the distance for a good exposure.)

(For this shot I turned the pop-up flash up a coupe EV, and then used my hand as a barn door / snoot
to sorta place emphasis on her face.  I REALLY shoulda snoot’ed the backlight flash, too, but oh well!)


by Matthew Saville

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