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Yearly Archives: 2009

Goodbye, 2009…

I’m heading to Joshau Tree right now for a couple days, with Joy and a couple friends. I hope to shoot some more images / footage like this one… We’ll see how it turns out! Take care all, =Matt=

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Upcoming Workshops / Photography Classes

Hey everybody!  Well okay, I guess not everybody.  This is going to get pretty geeky.  Take two… Hey, photographers!  Since we’re getting into the “down” season now, I’m making time for a few things that I’ve been trying to do for years now.  It has taken forever but I’ve finally put in enough brainstorming…  I’ve […]

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Socal Photog Shootout – December Shoot in Claremont CA

Photos from the December 13th SoCal Photog Shootout in Claremont, CA. Many thanks to all the amazing models, makeup artists, and others who offered their time and skills to make this such an awesome photo shoot! I had a great time and I’m excited to share the images.

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An Ode To Natural Light Portraits…

I confess, I’m a camera geek.  Wireless flash is flippin’ sweet.  I like to hang out with strobists, or anybody who knows what I mean when I say “three quarter key light with a kicker”… However, I just gotta say: “Eat your heart out, Joe McNally!”  …Here’s an ode to natural light portraits!  As much […]

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SD Photog Shootout – Models on a Ranch in Ramona

It took me a little while to get warmed up.  (And it took me like, 90+ minutes to drive to this place!)  But when the light warmed up and the models warmed up, the SD Photog Shootout was AWESOME!  One of the best collective photo shoots I’ve been to yet!  I actually have TWENTY FIVE […]

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Brass Sculptures… (Our New Wall Artwork!)

Many thanks to my good friend Mary and her husband Spence Hurlbut (two AMAZING, retired Sawdust Festival artists) for the new centerpiece on our wall.  We really love it!  The hummingbird, flowers and leaves are beautiful…  :-) These are just some quickie photos that I shot in JPG on my D300 and a 24 2.8 […]

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